Yep... it's an odd name for a product, but we're not sure what else to call this range. 

They're simply nuclear strength extractions from our cooking processes. Just a teaspoon or two will rescue a flavourless soup, a casserole that 'just has something missing', a fish dish that just tastes like a fishing trip... or even a takeaway treat that you paid too much for and got not much in the way of  a treat.

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Want to make an aioli that's better than Jamie Oliver's?

It's Jamie Oliver's recipe ... with a not-so-secret ingredient that makes it better. Click here!

It’s not cheating,
or maybe it is... it doesn’t matter...

if you never get caught.
It’s probably not your fault anyway. Some ingredients just need a little help. Help is here... here in this bottle. Pop a tablespoon or so in your dish then hide the jar in the back of a cupboard.


Rescues casseroles, soups and other savoury failures !
When we’re done making our award winning chutney,we’re left with this amazing oil, infused with all the flavours of our chutney and ready to ‘fix’ disasters with a spoonful... or two.
Perfect for a tasteless casserole, a dishwater soup, or a curry that’s lacking. Also makes a great Aioli. Used by professional chefs...
because anyone can get it wrong :)